website is an International Genuine Voluntary Blood Donor’s Website, where one can register as a Blood Donor from any corner of the World and donate blood directly to the patient in emergent conditions.

Our mission is to develop a worldwide database of genuine blood donors from every part of the World so that in any emergent conditions we can arrange blood donor for the patients directly in the hospital through our website.

To achieve our mission we inspire people from all over the World to register a blood donor on our website and spread awareness about blood donation and its requirements and benefits.
This website is founded and developed by Er. Sanjay, hosted since 13th Sep 2013.
Recent Stats of website:
– Visitors from 120 different countries
– Registered donors from India, USA,
Congo, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal etc.
– Over 50 volunteers from India, China,
USA, Nepal etc.
– Thousands of users.
– These stats are increasing every day.

What makes this website unique and strong?
– Verification Process:
Every registered blood donor is first verified through phone call or email and if he/ she are found genuine than only they are added to our “World’s genuine Blood Donor’s Database” else they are rejected and not added in the database.

– 5 different types of login account:
You can connect with this website in five different ways; every account has its own features and benefits.
– Blood Donation Availability Status:
The registered blood donor’s has all access to update their availability for donating blood, e.g. if they are not willing or busy than just by updating their status to ‘Not Available’ they can avoid calls for blood donation.

– Contact Privacy for female donors:
All the contact details of female registered donors are replaced by official contact no. of the website i.e. female donors can be contact only through the admin.

– Ratings and Points:
Registered Blood Donors are given rating on the basis of their trustworthy, analyzed through our random survey, blood donation points on every blood donation, Volunteer points when a volunteer brings a genuine blood donor registration.

– Personal Organization Database:
Now you can maintain record/ database of the employees, students with their latest updated contact details associated with your esteemed organization who are voluntary blood donor.

– International Seminar and Awareness Events:
To motivate people for blood donation, and spread awareness about the use of website; seminars, events and activities are organized at national and international level regularly.

Things to do on website over blood donation:

– Question of the day:
Periodically a new question is posted on our website for World’s polling, it has two options either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you can also post your question for taking the World’s review about your question

– Lesson for the day:
Regularly an image is uploaded on the website’s home page based on a social topic that we should practice in our daily life, you can also post your images to motivate and inspire others for good things.

– Post Blood Requirements and other donation requirements:
One can post request messages for blood donation, and over to it request messages for other major donations like bone marrow, or other body organs can also be posted.

– Share:
Post stories and thoughts to motivate others for blood donation, share your life experiences and incidents.

– Join us:
You can join this initiative as a team member just by registering as a volunteer and participate in all our events and activities.

Types of login account:
– Blood Donor Account
This account is for registered blood donors, where they can set their blood donation ‘Availability Status’, update their contact details; provide points to the volunteers etc.

– User or Blood Seeker Account
This account is for visitors or blood seekers, so that they can access some of our features like – Share, Question of the day, Post Blood requirements etc.

– Organization Personal Blood Donors Database:
This account is for colleges, companies or other organizations who wants to maintain the personal database of blood donors associated with your esteemed organization.

– Hospital or Blood Bank Account:
This account is for blood bank and hospital so that we can have a list of all the hospitals and blood bank in the respective city.

– Volunteer or Official Representative Account:
This account is for those who want to join us as a volunteer in this noble mission and officially represent, motivate people for registering as blood donor, and organize seminars and lot more.
Angles across the globe are joining hands, register a blood donor and save a life near you.

– Er. Sanjay
+91 9462 874806,